Engineering calculations

Our company is ready to offer services for engineering analysis

We perform strength analysis, modal analysis, thermal analysis, analysis of hydro-finished model. In the absence of a model - we are able to develop a model for your technical requirements.

Reverse engineering - plays a major role in the process of product development. With the use of engineering calculations it is possible to reduce the cost of prototypes, to cut costs.

Optimization of the engine

Optimization of the engine

Implementation of an integrated engineering analysis, including the strength, thermal and modal is the main key to obtain verifiable results. The strength analysis is one of the main types of analysis. Carrying out structural analysiswe can determine the zones of maximum stress and deformation under loading. And the result of the analysis is to determination of the durability of parts during the process of usage.

Результат оптимизации работы двигателя

The result of optimization of the detail production

Our company is ready to carry out strength calculations and perform parametric optimization (determination of optimal parameters of parts), topological optimization (determination of optimal topology shape of the part). The result of optimization based on safety factor is a change or modification of the shape of the part in order to increase the strength characteristics and reduce material consumption details.

The result of our ongoing modal analysis is the determination of its own, internally and resonance frequencies in the finished product. Performing this type of analysis is becoming the norm in the development of high-tech mechanized products.

Thermal loading, as one component of the total loading, working with the final product, we pay very much attention, performing the calculations as the manufacturing of a product, namely, welding, heat treatment, and life cycle of the product in the process of usage.

Hydro-gas-calculations are performed for the optimal design and define all the characteristics of hydraulic and pneumatic drive, determine the forces and factors in the design of products and components in the field of aerodynamics, especially the parts of aircraft (wings, fuselage, screws, mechanization). The usage of necessary software and experience of specialists allows us to get results, confirmed during the experiments.

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