3D Design

Our company is ready to offer services in 3D modeling


We offer 3D design of a parate model, as well as finished animated scenes.

Our experience can be used for the preparation of models for different uses and applications, such as:

  • development of 3D models for gaming platforms;
  • development and modernization of the appearance of the industrial and household products, in all areas of human activity, including defense, energy and construction.
  • modeling of kinematics and dynamics of the gameplay;
  • development of physically equal models of such flow of liquids, gases, wave flows, heating, cooling, gravitational forces;
  • development of presentations for use in 3D virtual reality systems such as the OCULUS.
3D virtual reality system OCULUS

3D virtual reality system OCULUS

When modeling modern approaches and development tools are used, especially the software products as: Blender, 3DMax, Unreal Engine.

Cooperating with us you will get high quality results in a way of well-simulated scenes and models.

One of the main directions of our company is the preparation of scenes and models for usafe in virtual reality systems. This technology allows the final customer to demonstrate the appearance of a product or a scene without any costs of production. It saves resources for the development of prototypes.


We are ready to cooperate with you

To start the collaboration with us, please, send your texts or technical description to desired product.

Our company will help you to design a technical task.