Hydraulic and pneumatic components

Hydraulic and pneumatic components are one of the basic components of different appliances and machines. There are a huge number of companies, which develop and produce hydraulic and pneumatic components. Some companies deal with a wide range of components, others have chosen their specific area (Globe Airmotors (Netherlands) – they produce pneumatic motors).

We can emphasize two main ways of the usage of hydraulic and pneumatic components: mobile and industrial systems.

The most well-known brand, which produces hydraulic and pneumatic components for mobile and industrial systems is Bosch Rexroth (Germany).

Among others companies we can underline:

  • TKawasaki (Japan) – produces hydraulic and electrohydraulic technologies.
  • Parker (USA) - produces industrial hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components.
  • Eaton Vickers (USA) - produces pneumatic and hydraulic components.
  • Samhydraulik (Italy) - produces hydraulic parts for mobile and industrial systems.
  • Sauer Danfoss (Germany) – produces hydraulic components for mobile techniques.
  • Linde (Germany) – produces hydraulic components.
  • Manuli Hydraulics (Italy) – produces high – pressure hoses.
  • Festo (Germany) – produces pneumatic components.
  • SMC (Japan) – produces pneumatic components.
  • Camozzi (Italy) - produces pneumatic components