Databases of construction materials – a database of these materials is from metals to composites. Is available for download only on a fee basis. – a database, which can be integrated into a CAD program. Is available for download only on a fee basis. - SDI Solution Company has released a new free version of electronic reference of Materials and Assortments - Semantic MiS v.2015 is on a base of Semantic MDM system. The reference is available as a stand-alone application, which acts as the information retrieval system, and as a provider of data to different CAD systems: Autodesk Inventor, Autocad, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Creo. – online – database of metals of the periodic table. The characteristics of both the physical and mechanical, and other properties of various metals is being given. You can ask for a comparative description of several metals. However, in the database is missing the information about composites, steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal alloys. – is an extensive online database of iron and structural steel. It is indispensable for a design-engineer thanks to a well-structured and easy website design. It contains information only about the physical and mechanical properties of ferrous metals. The information about composites and alloys, non-ferrous metals is absent. – an ambitious project to create online knowledge of the world, contains many different kinds of information that may be useful for a design engineer. The downside of this project is that the information is not exhaustive. There’s almost nothing about alloys, as well as on various composites. – it contains a lot of information that can be used by a designer. Contains physico-mechanical properties of steels, iron, alloys (not all), the correspondence tables about steel standards in different countries, and others. – is a German website that contains extensive information on the wire from different alloys, different cross-sectional shapes, the physical and mechanical properties of the wire, you can use this info about alloys respectively. – it contains lot’s of information about alloys, as well as their compliance with International and European standards. There is a possibility to download a PDF file with a detailed description of the physical and mechanical properties (but not for each alloy). The provided information is mainly of a commercial nature. – contains an extensive online database about polymers. It provides full access to resources on a paid basis, but it may provide information in certain volume about the polymer of interest for us free of charge. The database plastinfo includes the search according to various criteria: a manufacturer, a filler, special properties, chemical resistance, and others. – ANID Company is one of the leading producers of polymers in the Russian Federation. On its website the company placed a group of polymers produced by them with the description of their physical and mechanical properties.

купить-кевлар.рф – in addition to the information of commercial nature it contains extensive background information about composites such as Kevlar and Aramid, including their physical and mechanical properties. – is a German cheat sheet for designers. It contains information about the physical and mechanical properties of various materials, including alloys, composites, steel. There is a lot of information, but it can’t be called comprehensive. – Here you can inquire about ceramics. In addition to physical and mechanical properties database is given on the application, and others.